Toronto Travel Diary: Summer 2016

At the beginning of June I went to go see my girl MK in Toronto–my first trip back east since she and I first met! Here are some pics from a film camera from my time there.

Seattle Photo Diary

By: Emily Yakashiro


About a month ago my partner and I went to Seattle to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! He had never been, I had been before but not for a long time. To be honest, I wasn’t all that excited about it at first–I heard Seattle is a lot like Vancouver so I was ‘meh whatever’ about it (though looking forward to getting away of course!). But boy, was I ever wrong! Seattle was awesome! We spent most of our time in Capitol Hill, and it was such a blast. We were lucky to have chilly but sunny weather, and I can’t wait to get back there soon!

Light by Day, Fire by Night: Calgary Photo Diary

By: Emily Yakashiro

Here are a few pictures from my recent trip to Calgary. I drove for the first time in a year, went to a beautiful wedding, and generally explored my second-favourite Canadian city. Also included are several fashion blogger shots ’cause you know, I’ve been a blogger for years now and every outfit is a photo op….and I’m not sorry.

The title of this diary comes from the song “Rich” by Cosmo Sheldrake feat. Anna Roo, it’s a perfect summer song. Listen to it here.

Photo Diary: Trench Coat Girl Gang


By: Emily Yakashiro

So the other day me and the other CF editors Katie and Lydia had a day on the town. We all ended up wearing trench coats, and resembled a very lady-like girl gang of sorts. We spent the day wandering all over the city (East Van and all over Downtown) complete with seeing The Great Gatsby and an all-ladies comedy night, and other miscellaneous fun. Naturally, we took a bunch of pictures. Here are the best ones from my camera (or rather, phone).

UPDATE: Want to see more adventures of the three of us? Check out this post on Lydia’s blog.


All of the archives from Rookie November 2011–the theme was Girl Gang!

Got a Girl Crush? blog

Girl Gang Zine

The “Girl Gang” video by Katie Nash (also via Rookie)

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