Weekend Round-Up April 1-5th


This week we kept content pretty lighthearted–last week was full of a lot of thought-provoking posts, so we decided instead to focus on the start of spring! Monday we kicked things off with a fun day of goofy posts in light of April Fool’s Day, and the rest of the week we’ve focused on spring styling tips.

By the way–are you a fan of Mad Men? We are! The show returns Sunday night, stay tuned for an extra-special post here at The Closet Feminist on Monday….ooo suspense!

Here are a few of our picks for things to read over the weekend.

(Trigger Warning: Today we discuss an article that talks about sexual assault)

Why Fashion Bloggers Need Feminism by Jennine Jacob on IFB

We tweeted about this yesterday, but we think it bears repeating–given that we are called The Closet Feminist, we obviously have some pretty strong opinions about the connection between fashion and feminism, and we thing Jacob’s article hits the nail on the head.

BONUS: Want to hear more from fashionable feminists? Be sure to read our “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” series, starring some of our very favourite personal style bloggers.

Candid Thoughts on Modesty by Elizabeth on Delightfully Tacky

Elizabeth leads an interesting conversation in this post on clothing, sexual assault, beauty, double-standards for women, and much, much more in this thoughtful post.

five years by Tavi Gevinson on Tavi Gevinson’s Blog

Rookie founder and editor-in-chief celebrates and reflects on the 5 year anniversary of her infamous blog, The Style Rookie. She is probably one of the most articulate and imaginative people in fashion and the journalism circuit right now (and probably always will be for that matter), and this post is no exception.


This one is a Vancouver-based street style blog of sorts. A little creeper-y (most of the subjects don’t appear to know they are being photographed) but sartorially inspiring to be sure, stop by this blog to see what our city’s most stylish people are wearing.


Weekend Round-Up: March 18-22

 Image above found here

So we haven’t done a Weekend Round-Up in a while. But here are a few things we think ya’ll shouldn’t miss.

On xojane.com: This Week in Fat Stigma” “Plus sized” Swedish mannequins good, “Overweight” Canadian Public Art Bad by Lesley Kinzel.

Everyone (including us) has been buzzing about the prank plus-size mannequins that appeared in an H&M store in Sweden. Kinzel weighs in on the matter, giving a unique point of view that you might not expect. And-uh oh! Canadian civil servants are caught doing some serious fat-shaming. Boo!

On Refinery29: How Diamond Rings Came to Be: A Tale of Advertising &…..Lies by Lexi Nisita

The value of a diamond is basically nothing more than its function as a status symbol, and honestly, is that really worth the chain of awfulness that’s triggered by our demand for them?

Lexi Nisita 

This short article is razor-sharp, giving us something to think about when it comes to media literacy, advertising, and diamonds. For more food for thought on all that sparkles, read our post on diamonds here.

On Rookie: their latest “Damn Girl Ya Look Good” post

Need advice for finding a backless dress if you’re a D+ cup? Rookie has the answer, and even more great advice on dealing with uniforms that involve polo shirts, developing a signature look, and more!

Weekend Round-Up Feb. 25-March 1st

Well it has been a very interesting week here at The Closet Feminist. We started off with the Oscar buzz, then got a surprising amount of attention for a post we published on Kristen Stewart. To wind down for the week, we’ve got some visual inspiration, and some other good food for thought.

Infinite by Ordinary People

Edmonton-based blogger and student Alyssa Lau recently posted an awesome photo-shoot on her blog. What we really admire about Lau’s work is the awesome styling, wonderful photographs, and the fact that all of it was shot locally in Edmonton, using clothing from local boutiques. It’s an admirable project with a truly inspiring result–we’re already dreaming up outfits based on the ones in the shoot!

Vivienne Mok Photography

In need of some lovely inspiration after a long, dull work day? Be sure to check out Mok’s photography, it is so dreamy and lovely.

Tell it to My Heart: A Galentine’s Day Photo Album by Rookie Magazine

We’re huge fans of Rookie-but then again, who isn’t? We love the clothes in this fun photo album, and crafty spirit of it all. It reminds us that Galentine’s Day, though technically on Feb. 13th, can be celebrated any day of the year.

She stitched her way out of slavery and into the White House. Where’s her movie?” by Sarah Hampson on The Globe and Mail

This article by Hampson on Antebellum-era mixed-race dressmaker Elizabeth Keckley is very, very interesting. It was posted last Saturday before the Oscars, and deftly weaves together some of our favourite topics: the politics of fashion, women in the media (or lack thereof), and representations of women in history (or should we say herstory?). Keckley had quite the life-she was the dressmaker for Mary Todd Lincoln, read the article to learn more about this influential and inspiring woman.


Images above found here.

We love the clean lines and elegant colours of this collection. Hourani (based out of Montréal) is also noteworthy here because he is, “the first official member invited by the La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris to design and show a unisex haute couture collection in fashion history,”. In other words, the designs in this collection (worn by models of all genders) are androgynous, genderqueer, and very glamorous.

Weekend Round-Up: Feb. 18-22


This week’s Weekend Round-Up offers some practical resources, and some reading to get you pondering over everything from beauty standards to the role of female-identified bloggers. Also, a very meta look at our use of “round-up” series and choice of cowgirl pictures!

Tilly and the Buttons

This sewing blog is awesome! Last week we posted a two-part series by Cassie on how to shop at thrift stores. One of her tips was to learn how to sew a little bit, just to make some minor adjustments. Tilly and the Buttons provides just that–sewing tutorials for beginners! Seriously, she’s got everything from how to set up your sewing machine to demystifying sewing patterns!


The Two Standards of Beauty on The Beheld

inspired by _thebeheld


Image above: Made by us, but inspired by what we read on The Beheld.

We often hear about “beauty standards”. What exactly does that mean? The fabulous bloggers over at The Beheld break it down for us–there are actually two beauty standards, though they are often conflated. They set the record straight for us in this short, approachable article.


Are Female Bloggers More Positive? over at Feministing

If there’s one thing we are obsessed with her at The Closet Feminist, it’s fashion and personal style bloggers. Reading this article by Lori, though not specifically about fashion bloggers still got us thinking about gender, blogging, and navigating online space.


Exploring Gender in Cowgirl Narratives by Ashley Wells over at the Bitch Media Blog

To be fair, this post has nothing to do with fashion (so far–it’s going to be a series so stay tuned!), but it caught our eye because every Friday we do this series, which you are reading right now, and tend to use a picture of a cowgirl. ‘Cause, you know, “round-up,” etc….for realz though, this looks interesting and will no doubt give us here at The CF food for thought in terms of the way we word this column.



Weekend Round-Up: Feb. 11-15th

It’s been a short week here at The Closet Feminist-Monday was a stat holiday here in BC, yay! Other fun stuff included VDAY/Valentine’s Day (we’re all worried about getting cavities from all the cinnamon hearts and red velvet cupcakes we’ve been eating), and reading all the spring issues of our favourite glossies. The links for this weekend include a little bit of fashion history, something that hearkens back to a series of ours, and other good stuff.
Fashion History/Herstory Lessons with Megan Patterson of WORN Fashion Journal.

It’s no secret that we’re a bit nerdy around here with our love for all things related to fashion history. Patterson’s columns are anything but dry, and formatted into fun lists. We especially like “Fit for a Queen: 10 things about the gowns of Queen Elisabeth 1” and “Muscovite Splendor: 10 things about Olga Bulbenkova and the court dress of the House of Romanov”.


“A Few Quick Tips on How to Dress for Your Service Industry Job” by Olivia

This article by Olivia over at xojane.com  delivers in terms of dressing for success, using her personal experience as a hostess, and believe us, it is both practical and highly entertaining. If you want more inspiration for what to wear to work, don’t forget to peruse this series we did a little while ago.

Just read this awesome mini-manifesta we found over on Thought Catalog–go, now!
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