Diamonds are a Girl’s Best/Worst Friend?

Okay so with Valentine’s Day just around the corner people tend to get worked up about jewelry: getting it, giving it, wearing it, wanting it, buying it for yourself, etc. Keeping in the spirit of things, we’ve done a round-up of the most interesting information/facts/whatever we can find for all of you with magpie tendencies.

1. Top 10 Most Notorious Cursed Diamonds

We found the image above here.

Diamonds are a girl’s worst friend. Seriously. Talk about a doomed relationship/cursed love!

2. Speaking of notorious, what’s the deal with conflict/blood diamonds?

If all you know about this issue is what you gleaned from this movie, then take 10 minutes of your day to learn about the violence and environmental degradation caused by this trade over at Brilliant Earth.

3. Accessories: what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger?

While there may be some cursed diamonds and gems, many suggest that many gems and crystals have healing properties. Just do a quick search of “healing properties of gems and crystals” and see what comes up. Here’s one example.

4. Got the mean reds?

Check out Hepburn checking out jewelry at Tiffany & Co. in this Oscar-winning performance ’cause Breakfast at Tiffany’s might just be one of the movies to watch if you identify as being a woman in your twenties.

5. Coco Chanel, Diamonds & Feminism

We tweeted about this video last week, but if you haven’t watched it yet, take the three-and-a-half minutes to learn about how the one and only Chanel transformed diamonds into a whole new statement. It’s not your typical documentary clip, it’s very artsy and stylish–sure to satisfy the fussiest fashionist@s.

6. This is what I really think of this ring…

Need a laugh? Take a quick peek at this amusing list of things over at that may go through your head with a ring on your finger.

7. Jewelry-phobia: who knew?

In BUST magazine’s Dec/Jan 2013 issue, there was a really interesting article by Raquel D’Apice about her phobia…of jewelry. We can’t seem to find it anywhere online, so borrow the issue from a pal or buy the back issue here.

8. The Canadian Women behind the diamond  industry

Mining and business still have the reputation (very often deserved) of being an old boys club, which is why is is particularly interesting and awesome that Canada’s relatively new diamond industry was really started by a handful of women! Read more here.

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