Diesel’s Mystery Gender Neutral Ad Campaign

Remember when Diesel used to make notoriously offensive and sexist ads like this?:


Yea….they were really, really bad, and to this day I won’t purchase anything from this particular clothing company.

DieselSexostAd2HOWEVER, despite its outrageously offensive past, it would rather seem that Diesel is trying to turn a new leaf. I opened up my October issue of Fashion, and was pleasantly surprised to see a rather United Colors of Benetton-esque ad campaign:



As you can see from my limited scan, we have a couple wearing the same sweater, accompanied by the message “This Ad is Gender Neutral.” Interesting, no?

More interesting is that I can’t seem to find this ad online anywhere–I can’t google image it (try it yourself), and it’s not available on their website, hence why I had to scan it myself.

I find this odd because it is certainly a step forward for Diesel. As we have recently noted, fashion and fashion magazines are embracing gender fluidity and diversity, and its good to see clothing companies following suit.

Why is Diesel hiding this great ad campaign? Whatever the reason may be, its too bad, and hopefully they continue this positive pattern for their ads moving forward.


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