Fashion x Feminism: Unisex Skirts by Skirtcraft


Joe Quarion, founder and designer behind Minneapolis-based Skirtcraft  is on a mission, attempting to level the gender binary through fashion by making modern, rugged, practical skirts for people of all genders.

Quarion notes that the driving principles of his project, Skirtcraft, is, “skirts for all, functional pockets for all, and clothing that isn’t unnecessarily gendered.”


Skirtcraft’s approach is informed by feminism, recognizing that though men have been wearing skirts throughout history, it has somehow become taboo today.

For women, Quarion joins other feminists demanding pocket equality for women’s clothing, noting,

“I think the lack of functional pockets in most women’s clothing is due in part to clothing designers thinking (and trying to perpetuate the idea) that women care almost solely about appearance, and care about function barely at all.  So they rarely include large, functional pockets in their designs.  Men, on the other hand, don’t have to deal with this – they get big pockets in everything, not to mention sturdier fabric much of the time.”


We love Skirtcraft‘s mission, and are especially encouraged by the diversity of the project’s campaign photos–they didn’t go for thin, white models that nearly every other fashion campaign opts for. That, in and of itself, is a very positive sign.

Are the skirts super on-trend for the season? Nope, but that’s not the point of Skirtcraft as they are aiming for practicality and comfort. While this may be taboo for some, remember that Coco Chanel herself was revolutionary by placing comfort and practicality in her designs first above all else.


Want to learn more, including Quarion’s inspiration for this project? Read more on Skirtcraft’s Kickstarter page, here. The deadline to fund this project is August 20th, 2015.


All photos from Skirtcraft.


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