New York Rainbow: Spring 2017

A look from every colour of the rainbow–all from the Spring 2017 collections from New York–based female designers!


Above: Rosie Assoulin Spring 2017


Above: Tory Burch Spring 2017


Above: Reem Acra Spring 2017


Above: Norma Kamali Spring 2017


Above: Protagonist Spring 2017


Above: Victoria Beckham Spring 2017


Above: Warm Spring 2017


All images from Vogue Runway.

Bibliostyle: Kelly Link’s “Get In Trouble”

Style for superheroines.



Above: Tsumori Chisato Fall 2015, image found here.

She said, “Okay. So I’ve been wondering about this whole costume thing. Your new outfit. I wasn’t going to saw anything, but it’s driving me nuts. What’s with all these crazy stripes and the embroidery?”

“You don’t like it?”

“I like the lightning bolt. And the tower. And the frogs. It’s psychedelic, Biscuit. Can you please explain why ya’ll wear such stupid outfits? Promise I won’t tell anyone.” […]

He said, “Better than a suit and tie, Bunnatine. You can get a sewing machine and go to town, dee eye why, but who has the time?It’s all about advertising. Looking big and bold. But you don’t want to be too designer. Too Nike or Adidas. So last year I needed a new outfit, asked around, and found this women’s cooperative down on a remote beach in Costa Rica. They’ve got an arrangement with a charity here in the States. Collection points in forty major cities where you drop off bathing suits and leotards and bike shorts, and then everything goes down to Costa Rica. There’s a beach house some big-shot rock star donated to them. A big glass and concrete slab and the tide goes in and out right under the glass floor. I went for a personal fitting. These women are areal artists, talented people, super creative. They’re all all unwed mothers, too. They bring their kids to work and the kids are running around everywhere and they’re all wearing these really great superhero costumes. They do work for anybody. Even pro wrestlers. Villains. Crime lords, politicians. Good guys and bad guys. Sometimes you’ll be fighting somebody, this real asshole, and you’ll both be getting winded, and then you start noticing his outfit and he’s looking, too, and then you’re both wondering if you got your outfits at this same place. And you feel like you ought to stop and say something nice about what they’re wearing. How you both think it’s so great that these women can support their families like this.”

– from “Origin Story” in Get In Trouble: Stories by Kelly Link


Above: Missoni Fall 2015, image found here.


Above: Rodarte Fall 2015, image found here.


Above: Norma Kamali Fall 2015, image found here.


Above: Roksanda Fall 2015, image found here.


Above: Versace Fall 2015, image found here.

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