Music x Style: Adia Victoria is Just So Brilliant & Cool


I was super excited to see Adia Victoria perform at The Cobalt last weekend here in Vancouver.  I’ve been hooked on her music since I heard Stuck In the South. Her debut album, Beyond the Bloodhounds, is easily in my top five albums of 2016 so far.


Adia Victoria is more than just a very talented musician and performer. She is an activist (check out her Facebook), and dedicated the song in her set “Howlin’ Shame” to the victims of the Orlando shooting.

“You are American, but you are also black and your inner life is not often reflected in society because you’re extremely stereotyped and you’re put in this very small box—especially as a black woman. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to get into music. I remember how important it was for me to see other black woman making art, to know that was a possibility for me. I want to make art so I can potentially reach other black girls who are not Beyoncé, girls who don’t see themselves in Rihanna—not that there’s anything wrong with these women.”

  • Adia Victoria in an interview with Live Nation TV here


She wore all white, both before she got on stage (she was milling about the crowd) and while performing. I just had to do a take on her outfits. I myself have already purchased a long white shirt/dress like the one she wore during the performance because she looked so cool and amazing.


adia victoria 1
Slim tee, 320 CAD / H M long jacket, 37 CAD / Dondup white shorts, 160 CAD / Buckle shoes, 39 CAD


adia victoria 2

Music x Style: Jessica Rylan in Pink Noises

I recently just finished reading Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound by Tara Rodgers. I’m not super-into electronic music, but I love reading music writing and journalism by women.


Above: image found here.

The book was composed of interviews split into six different sections including “Nature and Synthetics” and “Alone/Together”. I thought it was excellent, and though I was not familiar with most of the musicians interviewed, I was fascinated by their creative process and interaction with their craft. Definitely a must-read for any creative.


Fashion-wise, I was totally inspired by the simple photograph of Jessica Rylan on the cover. Rylan is an artist and performer, and invents her own electronic music instruments–doesn’t get much cooler than that.


The photograph on the cover is taken from the same performance as the one above, and I just thought she looked so cool. I love what appears to be a super-dark purple tweed flecked with colour, and rose blouse. The silver chain bracelet is simple (no doubt to not interfere with her performance) but just enough to make an impression. Here is a super-simple riff on her outfit below.

Inpsired by Jessica Rylan

3 Ways to Wear a Canadian Tuxedo

A little….

canadian tuxedo new 1


A lot….
canadian tuxedo new 3
canadian tuxedo new 2

Want to see more ways to style a Canadian tuxedo? Here are 5 more ways to wear it.

Inspired by Art Herstory: Lina Iris Viktor


Above: Title Unknown, Lina Iris VIktor. Image found here.


Above: The Pattern of The Universe Is Paved In Gold by Lina Iris Viktor, 2014.

London/New York/Geneva-based artist Lina Iris Viktor is a woman with a vision. Her works are only ever done in black, white, blue, and gold–24 karat gold (she’s using the actual precious metal folks, not just gold-tinted paint).

If you find her works hypnotic, there’s a good reason for it. Viktor creates her art,

“Through the use of basic geometric forms, square, circle, triangle etc, that appear in an array of variations, sizes, and repetitive pattern structures she builds an idiosyncratic visual landscape across multiple mediums”


Above: Venus V Aphrodite by Lina Iris Viktor, 2014


Above: The Power of 3, 6, & 9 by Lina Iris Viktor, 2014.

There’s much more to it than meets the eye. Her work melds several different philosophies together,

“Governed by a purist color palette, her work considers the natural laws, hermetic philosophies, mathematic & scientific principles, and seeks to instill a divine order to all around her.”



Above: Transcending Time & The Gold Ratio by Lina Iris Viktor, 2014

We love how her work, inspired by all these classical subjects, is also infused with her own presence and image. Women of colour have long been ignored in Western art history, so it is both inspiring and refreshing to see Viktor insert herself into a long tradition.


Inspired by Lina Iris Viktor

Victoria Victoria Beckham lace up dress, 985 CAD / Helmut Lang genuine leather legging, 465 CAD / Jeffrey Campbell pre owned designer shoes, 78 CAD / Versace leather crossbody handbag, 1,145 CAD / Special occasion earrings, 22,485 CAD / Gold bracelet bangle, 200 CAD / Tory Burch polish jewelry, 390 CAD / Kate Spade multicolor ring, 105 CAD / Smoke & Mirrors leopard print glasses, 430 CAD

Quotes and nearly all paintings from Lina Iris Viktor’s website here.

Music x Style: Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond

my brightest diamond performance outfit

Uniqlo cotton shirt, 34 CAD / John Lewis coat, 230 CAD / Tanya Taylor wide striped pants, 710 CAD / H&M pointy toe booties, 54 CAD / Pamé Designs gold plated jewelry, 85 CAD

If I could have anyone’s singing voice, I would pick Shara Worden’s voice, hands down.  I swear, no one can sing like her. Worden leads her band, My Brightest Diamond. Her range is operatic, her lyrics haunting. I saw her perform at the Electric Owl Sunday, December 7th and it was definitely the best small show I’ve seen all year. I swear for the first 5-6 songs I sat there gaping like a fish thinking, “Who SINGS like that??” It was amazing, I was practically in love.


Above: I only managed to get some shoddy photos on my phone of the performance

The show was intimate just for the the fact it was such a small crowd, but geez, the few handful of us that were there were were practically blessed to see such a performance–high energy, and she is just so cool talking to the audience, dancing and jumping around, etc. She opened with the single of her new album, This is My Hand, “Pressure,” which got things off to a mesmerizing start.

A funny little band Rabbit Rabbit opened for her, and while I didn’t much care for them, Worden spoke genuinely about how Rabbit Rabbit’s frontwoman Carla Kihlstedt had inspired her own music so much and I loved that–women supporting one another in an industry dominated by guys.

Getting down to what she was wearing, I was surprised to see she was wearing all white (then again, there is lots of white in her video for “Pressure”). White pants with black tuxedo stripes up the side, red boot-type shoes, a white blouse buttoned all the way up, and a gold necklace of some sort (couldn’t quite make out that detail around the collar. Performing is no doubt hard work, especially when you’re playing three different instruments, singing, jumping, dancing, and more (she was doing all these things, FYI). I would have sweat right through such an ensemble myself, but lord only knows I’m not as badass as Shara Worden– she hardly seemed to break a sweat.

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