The Surprising Source of Spring’s Best Fashion Editorial

As you might know by now, I read a lot of fashion magazines. So you might be just as surprised as me when I discovered the best fashion editorial I’ve seen so far in the spring issues is from Canadian Living of all places! Canadian Living isn’t even a fashion magazine, it’s a lifestyle/cooking magazine with a sliver of fashion in the front every issue.

Here’s why the fashion editorial called, “Basic Instinct” impressed me:

  1. The styling (by Julia McEwen) was just really good, and I actually picked up several styling ideas (noted below)
  2. I loved that they booked Aluad Anei to model. Not only is she a woman of colour, she has very dark skin, which is super important. Learn more about combatting colorism in fashion here (link sometimes NSFW)
  3. The photography is by a woman (Genviève Charbonneau)
  4. All of the items the model was wearing can be purchased in Canada

I have lovingly scanned all the pics for you to enjoy below.



Above: I love those earrings. Also, note the coat with the short sleeves. We’ve also got a collared shirt happening, and an asymmetrical skirt hem.


Above: Grey bottoms, white top–very simple, but punctuated with a hat, killer lipstick, and just the right accessories.


Above: I’m all about mixing prints, and I love this fresh take on the combo–mixing two black and white prints, then throwing in one more print on a small scale (i.e., the shoes), and breaking it all up with one bold colour.


Below: I LOVE this look–the earrings, the bow, the unique silhouette on the shirt… *spends all morning trying to tie a skinny black scarf into an appropriate bow*



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